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# Repo Name
"WHAT is it doing?"
This prototype has been developed by Hertz-Lab as part of the project [»The Intelligent Museum«](#the-intelligent-museum).
Please raise issues, ask questions, throw in ideas or submit code as this repository is intended to be an open platform to collaboratively improve the results on this task.
### Features
* can do this and that
* achieves blablabla
### Structure
* folder1/: does that
* folder2/: can this
## Installation
Install Anaconda 3 and create a virtual environment
$ conda create -n "name" python=3.7
$ conda activate "name"
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
### Additional Software
$ sudo apt install howaboutthat
## Usage
##### show help
$ python --help
## Further Reading
* [paper](
* [paper2](
## License
use a License
## Contribute
Contributions are very welcome!
Please send an email to
## The Intelligent Museum
An artistic-curatorial field of experimentation for deep learning and visitor participation
The [ZKM | Center for Art and Media]( and the [Deutsches Museum Nuremberg]( cooperate with the goal of implementing an AI-supported exhibition. Together with researchers and international artists, new AI-based works of art will be realized during the next four years (2020-2023). They will be embedded in the AI-supported exhibition in both houses. The Project „The Intelligent Museum“ is funded by the Digital Culture Programme of the [Kulturstiftung des Bundes]( (German Federal Cultural Foundation).
As part of the project, digital curating will be critically examined using various approaches of digital art. Experimenting with new digital aesthetics and forms of expression enables new museum experiences and thus new ways of museum communication and visitor participation. The museum is transformed to a place of experience and critical exchange.
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