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Project Name
High-Level Audio Processing in Python
_Project overview image here, if possible_
_Short, one to two line project description._
This project contains code for live audio recording and processing in python.
Besides basic usage of Pyaudio for simple recording, you will find asynchronous
processing methods and the use of artificial intelligence for high level applications.
This code has been developed by [ZKM | Hertz-Lab]( as part of the project [»The Intelligent Museum«](#the-intelligent-museum).
Copyright (c) 2021 ZKM | Karlsruhe.
Copyright (c) 2021 Artist Developer.
Copyright (c) 2021 Paul Bethge.
For information on usage and redistribution, and for a DISCLAIMER OF ALL
WARRANTIES, see the file, "LICENSE.txt," in this distribution.
......@@ -18,74 +18,17 @@ BSD Simplified License.
_Detailed project description. Don't forget to include relevant attribution for forked, adapted, or inspired projects._
### Structure
_List repo folder structure for larger, more complicated projects_
* folder1/: contains models
* folder2/: contains media assets
* etc...
(Software) dependencies:
* libA
* libB
* etc...
Operating systems/platforms:
* macOS
* Linux
* Windows
* etc...
_Add any notes about which platforms or setups were used for development & testing._
Installation & Build
_General dependency & build install instructions with per-platform subsections when needed. Please include commandline steps, when applicable._
Right now, this project only contains example code for quick and dirty sound processing.
We may use class abstraction at some point in time.
You will find a lot of borrowed code and trained neural nets from other repository, instead of submodules, as the purpose of this project is to maintain working code rather than bleeding edge technology.
Download and Install [Anaconda]( Afterwards create a virtual environment:
$ conda create -n "name" python=3.7
$ conda activate "name"
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
We want to thank the following repositories for providing open-source solutions:
- silero-vad
- speech-commands
_Usage instructions for when the application is built and installed._
#### Show Help
$ python --help
#### scenario 1
$ python --parameter 42
References / Further Reading
_List useful references, related projects, or papers here._
* [paper](
* [paper2](
Contributions are very welcome! Clone or fork the repo, then request a pull / merge.
If you find any bugs or suggestions please log them here as well.
Please find a README in each of the example subfolders for clarification of the requirements and usage as each example is very different in that regard.
The Intelligent Museum
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