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silero lid test

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import torch
from pprint import pprint
import os
model, lang_dict, lang_group_dict, utils = torch.hub.load(
get_language_and_group, read_audio = utils
files_dir = torch.hub.get_dir() + '/snakers4_silero-vad_master/files'
wav = read_audio(f'{files_dir}/de.wav')
test_file = f'test_data/train/english/common_voice_en_17245941_0.wav'
import glob
files = glob.glob("test_data/test/*/*.wav")
language_table = {
"english": "en",
"german": "de",
"french": "fr",
"spanish": "es",
"mandarin": "zh-CN",
"russian": "ru",
"farsi": "fa",
"polish": "pa"
tp_count = 0
for i, file in enumerate(files):
split = file.split(os.sep)
wav = read_audio(file)
languages, language_groups = get_language_and_group(wav, model, lang_dict, lang_group_dict, top_n=1)
for lang in languages:
# pprint(f'Language: {lang[0]} with prob {lang[-1]}')
# print(lang[0].split(",")[0])
# print(language_table[split[2]])
if lang[0].split(",")[0] == language_table[split[2]]:
tp_count += 1
# for i in language_groups:
# pprint(f'Language group: {i[0]} with prob {i[-1]}')
print (tp_count / i)
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