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add some docu

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......@@ -27,6 +27,16 @@ from kapre.composed import get_log_frequency_spectrogram_layer
def create_dataset_from_set_of_files(ds_dir, languages):
"""Create an audio dataset for wav files in a specified directory and for specified languages
ds_dir (str): the path to the folder containing the folders for each language
languages (list): the folders to be included
[]: the dataset and the amount of files in there
# assure languages are sorted alphanumerically
languages = sorted(languages)
......@@ -61,7 +71,18 @@ def tf_normalize(signal):
return tf.math.divide(signal, abs_max)
def get_feature_layer(feature_type, feature_nu, sample_rate):
def get_feature_layer(feature_type, feature_nu, sample_rate):
"""returns a keras.layer for given feature type and number
feature_type (str): one of stft, mel and fbank
feature_nu (int): the number of features
sample_rate (int): sampling rate of input signal
[keras.layer]: computes the specified features
if feature_type == 'stft':
m = get_stft_magnitude_layer(n_fft=feature_nu*2, name='stft_deb')
elif feature_type == 'mel':
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