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......@@ -23,6 +23,8 @@ Here is a quick overview of the necessary steps in this exercise:
- Optional: try it yourself by taking a selfie
#### 1 Open the code on Google Colaboratory
For this purpose you will require a Google Account. The code will not be executed on your local machine. Instead you will use compute resources provided by Google.
......@@ -30,12 +32,18 @@ Please get together in small groups where at least one person has the required a
You can access the code using the following link:
The above picture points out the most important things to look at.
At the top right corner you will see the status of the environment. At the top left you can dee the *Runtime* button we will use next.
#### 2 Run the installs section & restart the runtime
The first code of block to be executed is the installs section. Hover your mouse of the code section and click the *play* button that appears on the left top corner.
If it is the first time you execute these lines you will need to restart the runtime. You should see a button *Restart Runtime* at the end of the logging message.
#### 3 Execute the rest of the code
When the runtime has restarted we will run the rest of the code with a single command. This is necessary as the code will need about 10 minutes to complete.
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