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added -e info to readme, updated changelog

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......@@ -2,15 +2,18 @@
* fix crash due to wrong prev buffer value
* added audio support for multi-channel device input and settable samperate
* added audio support for multi-channel device input and settable samplerate
* added OSC receiver on default port 9898
* added manual listening control via OSC /listen message and l key press
* added listening auto stop on detection via OSC /autostop message or a key press
* added optional command execution on detection
* added commandline argument parsing
* added verbose printing
* now use 7 lang model
* don't enable recording on start
* dont draw extra graph start & end vertices
* graph now goes to 0 when listening is stopped
0.2.0: 2021 Jun 23
......@@ -151,6 +151,7 @@ Options:
-r,--samplerate INT audio input device samplerate, can be 441000 or a multiple of 16000, default 48000
--nolisten do not listen on start
--autostop stop listening automatically after detection
-e,--execute TEXT command to execute on detection with key=value pair args
-v,--verbose verbose printing
--version print version and exit
......@@ -181,6 +182,27 @@ Reload the shell and application can now be invoked via:
% langid -v --inputdev 2
### Executing commands
LanguageIdentifier can execute a command on a language detection via the `-e/--execute` option:
% bin/LanguageIdentifier -e `pwd`/
The arguments passed to the command are a series of key & values pairs where `key=value`:
* selected key: string value, name of detected language
* LANG key: float value, normalized detection confidence 0-1 for each supported language
Example args:
selected=noise noise=0.753628 chinese=0.000086 english=0.237782 french=0.001154 german=0.002538 italian=0.000791 russian=0.000018 spanish=0.004004
_Note: In general, the command must include the full path if it is not in current shell PATH._
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