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first thingboard push

parent 0374c693
http -v -j POST lang=$1
......@@ -108,6 +108,8 @@ void ofApp::update() {
// only send & display label when probabilty is high enough
if(prob >= minConfidence) {
displayLabel = labelsMap[argMax];
std::string cmd = ofToDataPath("") + " " + std::to_string(argMax);
ofxOscMessage message;
  • I feel like this could be modularized through the commandline argument handling. There could be a flag which accepts a string to run when the lang is detected and has a key that gets replaced by either the lang name and/or the index ala:

    $ LanguageIdentifer --cmd "./ $LANGID"

    This way we avoid hard coding our platform/usage-specific stuff.

    Edited by Dan Wilcox
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